Outfits of the Week || OOTW || Early Feb 2015


So this is how things all got started on my blog! Me doing outfit videos because I had a crappy camera that took crappy pics and the videos were the only way I could disguise the bad quality. lolThis was my … Continue reading

Shoe Haul!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 5.59.10 AM

Hey ladies. Check out some of the cute shoes I bought recently at this amazing store called Last Chance. There is only one Last Chance in the country and it’s located in Phoenix. They have some AMAZINGG deals and it’s … Continue reading

DIY Quickie: Embellished Sunglasses


Lately I’ve been intrigued by embellished sunglasses. I’ve been rocking short hair these days and it seems the less hair you have the more accessories you can wear! Bold and loud accessories at that. I happened to have a bunch … Continue reading