Fashion Inspiration: Sequin Skirts!

Fashion Inspiration: Sequin Skirts!

In recent months I’ve become a Pinterest feignnnnn! lol

I think this love for all things pinterest was birthed out of the fact that the memory on my iPhone was quicklyyyy dwindling. 3000+ pics and there just wasn’t space for more.

Maybe one of you feels my pain lol so I had to do something. I transferred all my pics to my computer but that didn’t solve things for long nor did it solve the fact that I liked having my inspiration portable…or more portable than a laptop was affording me the luxury of.

Anywhooo I liked the idea that I could keep all my fashion inspiration pics on pinterest and organize them and access them whenever I wanted. Plus the added benefit of searching the endless post on pinterest for more inspiration……it’s heaven to say the least 🙂


All pics are from my Pinterest board: Fashion Inspiration 

So here is a mood board of some of my recent inspiration…. sequin Skirts. It’s gradually getting hotter here in AZ and I know that last summer I just wasn’t feeling shorts for some crazy reason! So as an alternative I’ve been stocking up on skirts. I want to have fun with it though and have sportyLUX looks and glam dressed down looks and all things in between so sequin skirts and tee’s have been on my mind a lot lately. I scored a few awesome ones at Plato’s closet recently that I’ll be posting in an upcoming haul video on my youtube channel but until then I’ve been on the hunt for different and fun ways to wear them on an everyday vibe…..hope you enjoy! 🙂

Outfits of the Week || OOTW || Early Feb 2015

Outfits of the Week || OOTW || Early Feb 2015

So this is how things all got started on my blog!

Me doing outfit videos because I had a crappy camera that took crappy pics and the videos were the only way I could disguise the bad quality. lolThis was my favorite thing about my blog though. The creativity of editing the videos and adding music and making it an “experience” making it about a feeling.

Thennnnn somewhere along the way I started to conform to how all the other blogs were doing things. Taking static pics and having a little write up about what i was wearing or why I choose it….blah blah blah. Which don’t get me wrong I don’t knock it because it works for a lot of people but in the end it just isn’t 100% me. I don’t have that much to say about why I choose the outfit….I just did….because it felt right. lol Which is why I had stopped doing “fashion” blogging as it was.

Then recently I decided to start a youtube channel also named Je M’appelle Shen (Check it out!) and I feel like I’m back to where I started making lookbook and styling videos where I get to add my creative flare and have fun with it again and I’m excited and rejuvenated and eager to bring more styling videos.

Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Shoe Haul!

Shoe Haul!

Hey ladies. Check out some of the cute shoes I bought recently at this amazing store called Last Chance. There is only one Last Chance in the country and it’s located in Phoenix. They have some AMAZINGG deals and it’s all merchandised from the different Nordstrom department stores around the country. Anything that gets returned or the last of something or simply things that aren’t in season anymore get sent to Last Chance. So imagine the deallllssss. I’ts retail heaven lol

Not enough hours in the day

Not enough hours in the day

DSC_0206_2 DSC_0210_2 DSC_0211_2


Sunny days in Palm Springs, CA. It’s crazy how cold it gets at night in the desert. I’ve lived in the desert before and I was not prepared for the crazy cold fronts the west coast was experiencing. I was grateful I packed a sweatshirt or two. I loved every bit of sun, palm trees and beautiful mountain ranges though. We also meet this super stylish and friendly girl, Megan, at the Trina Turk store on Palm Canyon Drive.



loooovvved her outfit, it’s so british 🙂 She got us hip to a few good stores on the strip, which I was grateful for because Palm Canyon Drive felt nearly endless. With the numerous shops it would easily take a couple of days to sort through it all, and I mean none stop in and out all day, type of perusing.


The first was Deja Vu, a cute little vintage shop.


The second was this charming store, Flow Modern Design. The owner was so amazingly friendly and it was really inspirational to take in the decor.



DIY: Vintage Chanel Inspired Logo Frame Sunglasses

DIY: Vintage Chanel Inspired Logo Frame Sunglasses



I was beyond inspired when I first saw these amazing vintage Chanel logo frame sunglasses.


Not only am I a huge sucker for anything black and white, (I love the graphic feel of it) who doesn’t love classic Chanel!?

While I would never go to the lengths of knocking off a designer item with full on logo and all,  I knew these had to be a part of my collection somehow!

So with a little alteration and come creative license I DIY’d my own Chanel inspired shades! Hope you enjoy!


here are a pair of sunglasses identical in shape that already come in black or white!

IMG_2369 DSC_0149


DSC_0158 DSC_0165


It’s really that simple! Try the white frames for the reverse effect!DSC_0195

Artwork by my Mom 🙂