DIY: Tuxedo Jeans!

DIY: Tuxedo Jeans!

Tuxedo Jeans, I love ’em! It’s a trend that is allllll over, the strip adds that extra flare to a simple pair of jeans. I’m all about the details, the little things that take an outfit to the next level intrigue me. I decided in true do it your self fashion I could tackle this look on my own, transforming a pair of boyfriend jeans, that get minimal wear, into something a little more special. 


Fabric Glue
Grosgrain Ribbon
Fray Block (Optional)
Sponge Brush (Optional)

All of these supplies you can find at your local fabric store or a Michaels.

Grosgrain ribbon comes in a variety of colors and widths. For those of you who have never worked with it, it is a thick ribbed ribbon. I choose a fairly wide grosgrain to help offset the baggy-ness of the boyfriend jean. I also picked up some white ribbon to DIY a pair of fitted black pants into a high contrast tuxedo pant, I’ll link up later! 🙂

I first laid out my jeans (as pictured above.) Making sure my outer seam as smoothed out and even all the way down. Cut your ribbon to the appropriate length. I butted mine right up under the waist band of my jeans and ended it right at the bottom hem.

Fray block is optional, the grosgrain will begin to unravel, so to prevent any lose fibers I dabbed some on the ends I cut to give a finished appearance. Note that any glue that dries clear with suffice.

You will want to use a fabric glue that is approved for washing (I used Aleenes’ OK to wash it fabric glue) since something like jeans get a lot of wear and tear! I applied my glue in a boxed spiral pattern leaving enough space in-between each line of glue for it to spread when laid down with out excess gushing out.

Last but not least, leave your jeans to dry! I left mine alone for 24 hours to insure the glue had set. Aleene’s fabric glue dries clear so no traces of your handiwork will be left behind! 🙂

Here are a couple of quick pics I snapped, can’t wait to fully style them! Be on the lookout…if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section! Happy Thursday!


DIY: Beaded Jean Cuff!

DIY: Beaded Jean Cuff!

It’s DIY time!

This DIY is great for sprucing up an old pair of jeans or to just add some bling to your favorite pair! You can add studs or use colored beads or thread to add some extra edge! Don’t forget you can try this out on the cuff of a jean jacket or shirt or try beading the collar. Your options are unlimited, so get creative!

DIY Skinny jeans!

DIY Skinny jeans!

Just recently as I was cleaning out my closet I ran across a few pairs of jeans that I simply don’t wear that often. The biggest reason was the cut of the jean. The silhouette of a pair of pants can change the whole feel of an outfit. In light of this I decided to do something about it, the jeans were the right wash and all fit well in the behind (which for me is a HUGE selling point for a pair of pants, nothing worse then flattened cakes! lol.) So I whipped out my sewing machine and did a quick DIY! Hope this is helpful 🙂


&& that is it, you’ll cut the access fabric and you have a new pair of skinny jeans 🙂 Happy monday!