DIY: Oversized Fur Keychain

DIY: Oversized Fur Keychain



So ever since I spotted the monster fur keychain in the Fendi Collection I’ve wanted one! Then Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Jasmine Saunders and countless other celebrities and fashionistas have been photographed all over rocking theirs and my desire for one continually increased.

I searched the internet for something similar and came across great ones from Michael Kors, Mischa Lampert and many others but price point became the issue. I mean come on, its a KEYCHAIN! lol I refuse to pay a grip for something so trivial.

So then I turned to amazon and other trendy sites and while they had some for a great price the quality was questionable. They looked more like pom poms from my childhood art and craft days then the lovely, lush long “fox fur” versions the designers were offering. So per usual I revved up my DIY juices and set out to make my own!

All the items you can purchase right from Michaels, Jo-Anns or Hobby Lobby. The most important item is the boa! The brand of mine is Zucker Feathers. Be sure the boa you buy has long thin wispy feathers not the big feathers. It makes all the difference in the style of your finished keychain!





DSC_0341 DSC_0378

I think like all of us fashion lovers and bloggers I’m trying to summon the warmth of spring by faking it till I make it! Back in January I scored a bunch of seriously cute, seriously strappy heels that I’ve been itching to bust out at the slightest hint of sun or warmth.

In true Chicago fashion this cold is refusing to let up! The first days of spring were freezing and threatened with snow. This bi-polar weather has been so up and down it’s hard to tell if we will get spring or jump straight into summer at the rate this is going. 😦

None the less I took advantage of the momentary warmth we had, but as you can see below the chill quickly returned, hence the goose bumps!


Check back soon for my DIY on this neon pink clutch!