Fashion Inspiration: Sequin Skirts!

Fashion Inspiration: Sequin Skirts!

In recent months I’ve become a Pinterest feignnnnn! lol

I think this love for all things pinterest was birthed out of the fact that the memory on my iPhone was quicklyyyy dwindling. 3000+ pics and there just wasn’t space for more.

Maybe one of you feels my pain lol so I had to do something. I transferred all my pics to my computer but that didn’t solve things for long nor did it solve the fact that I liked having my inspiration portable…or more portable than a laptop was affording me the luxury of.

Anywhooo I liked the idea that I could keep all my fashion inspiration pics on pinterest and organize them and access them whenever I wanted. Plus the added benefit of searching the endless post on pinterest for more inspiration……it’s heaven to say the least 🙂


All pics are from my Pinterest board: Fashion Inspiration 

So here is a mood board of some of my recent inspiration…. sequin Skirts. It’s gradually getting hotter here in AZ and I know that last summer I just wasn’t feeling shorts for some crazy reason! So as an alternative I’ve been stocking up on skirts. I want to have fun with it though and have sportyLUX looks and glam dressed down looks and all things in between so sequin skirts and tee’s have been on my mind a lot lately. I scored a few awesome ones at Plato’s closet recently that I’ll be posting in an upcoming haul video on my youtube channel but until then I’ve been on the hunt for different and fun ways to wear them on an everyday vibe…..hope you enjoy! 🙂

Outfits of the Week || OOTW || Early Feb 2015

Outfits of the Week || OOTW || Early Feb 2015

So this is how things all got started on my blog!

Me doing outfit videos because I had a crappy camera that took crappy pics and the videos were the only way I could disguise the bad quality. lolThis was my favorite thing about my blog though. The creativity of editing the videos and adding music and making it an “experience” making it about a feeling.

Thennnnn somewhere along the way I started to conform to how all the other blogs were doing things. Taking static pics and having a little write up about what i was wearing or why I choose it….blah blah blah. Which don’t get me wrong I don’t knock it because it works for a lot of people but in the end it just isn’t 100% me. I don’t have that much to say about why I choose the outfit….I just did….because it felt right. lol Which is why I had stopped doing “fashion” blogging as it was.

Then recently I decided to start a youtube channel also named Je M’appelle Shen (Check it out!) and I feel like I’m back to where I started making lookbook and styling videos where I get to add my creative flare and have fun with it again and I’m excited and rejuvenated and eager to bring more styling videos.

Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

DIY Quickie: Embellished Sunglasses

DIY Quickie: Embellished Sunglasses



Lately I’ve been intrigued by embellished sunglasses.

I’ve been rocking short hair these days and it seems the less hair you have the more accessories you can wear!

Bold and loud accessories at that.

I happened to have a bunch of random sunglasses laying around. I bought most of them because they were a GREAT deal. Lol ima sucker for a deal. So when I was having the itch to DIY something I thought why not some sunnies?!! 🙂


Pliers or wire snippers
Baubles, trinkets and embellishments


You can use anything you want for your embellishments. Pins, earrings, rings, old vintage jewelry or even plastic rhinestones. Which are easy to find in large tubs at the craft store. 🙂


Use your wire snippers to remove anything that prohibits the embellishment from lying flat. These two pins from H&M came apart really easy.



Once you’ve determined your placement, (Make sure you aren’t blocking ur view out of the lens!) Add some glue and press and hold until a bond is formed.


Voila it’s really THAT simple!




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DIY QUICKIE: Bunny Ear Bobby Pins

DIY QUICKIE: Bunny Ear Bobby Pins

So I saw these cute bunny ear Bobby pins once and haven’t been able to find them since! To be honest I’m really not a big fan of the whole animal ear trend. Even though I find it super cute I guess I find I already look young enough without the help of any accessories. Lol Yet these Bobby pins have been on my mindddd so I finally decided to DIY them. Maybe I’ll figure out how to rock them that doesn’t make me look 12 *fingers crossed* 🙂

Bobby pins (silver or gold ones would be preferable)
Silver or gold wire (20 gauge or thicker)
Silver or gold wire (24 gauge or thinner)
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun

Let’s get started!


1. Cut a piece of wire (it should be in a circle from how it’s been wrapped)
2. A quarter of the way around the circle make a bend to create your first ear. Repeat.
3. Wrap the thinner wire to secure the ears.


4. Do any final shaping or adjustments
5. Hot glue gun your ears to the Bobby pin.
6. Take the thinner wire and secure further (and conceal the glue) by wrapping it around the ears and Bobby pins.
7. Optional. If your Bobby pins are black, spray paint them to match the color of your wire.


DIY Quickie: Large Boho Hoop Earrings

Back with a quick DIY!
A fun way to transform any pair of boring hoops ( although don’t get me wrong! *side eye* I love a pair of large hoops. Like some girls staple earrings are studs, mine are big BOW-CHICKA-WOW WOW silver hoops 🙂 )

You can make your hoops with 20 gauge wire or you can use an old ( or new) pair!

20 gauge wire (optional)
Wire cutters and round nose pliers (optional)
Hoop earrings
Colorful string | waxed cotton cord |suede cord etc

Happy Saturday and Happy DIY’ing!




DIY: Fanny Pack

DIY: Fanny Pack

Fanny Packs!



I’ve been on the hunt for a cute fanny pack for weeeeeks now. I get so tired of running in and out of stores while running errands and having to reach for my purse every five minutes (even though it’s on the seat next to me *side eye* lol) It’s one less action I can just do without!  Sadly there just aren’t a lot of options out there in the fanny pack department and I just haven’t found one that was worth the money! Sooo on one of my many thrifting adventures I found a couple plain fanny packs that I figured I could embellish and make cute to satiate my desire and my wallet 🙂 

DIY: Cell Phone Purse

DIY: Cell Phone Purse

Hi Guys!

I’m back with another DIY 🙂

I recently got this cute iPhone case…

It’s definitely been so handy and being a girl that likes to wear skirts and dresses I just don’t always have pockets. lol which makes the question of where to stick my cell phone a constant conversation with myself.

I wanted an alternative for those times where I decide to change my case or don’t plan on rocking a case at all! So I came up with this super easy and super functional DIY that you can customize anyyy way you want! 🙂