DIY: Sheer Crop Top!

DIY: Sheer Crop Top!


It’s everything you want in a DIY! Quick, easy and CHEAP! A few easy snips, and you have a versatile top for spring and summer!ย 

What you’ll need:

DSC_0200 DSC_0212

Cut open the toes!

DSC_0204 DSC_0208

Cut out a small “U” or “V” from the crouch of the tights. It will stretch when you put it on so keep this in mind and alter based on how big you want your neckline.


You know that old trick you used to stop a run in your tights? Well its the same thing you will do next to prevent any huge runs in the fabric. A few are ok it adds character and a nice deconstructed quality.

I ran clear polish around the sleeve hem and neckline.

As an after thought I realized I could have used black polish (or any color that would match your tights of choice.) Also FABRC GLUE! Duh, it dries clear and will do the same job. ๐Ÿ™‚

As a disclaimer the clear polish kind of flaked on the tights when it was stretched, so my future ones I will use fabric glue or the colored polish. ย You live and ya learn though right??


See how the neckline ย stretched out? ๐Ÿ™‚ Also my black tights are a “one size fits all” and my blue ones are a “queen” size. I prefer the queen size, the top ended up being longer, the sleeves were longer and there was more room to breath! ๐Ÿ™‚ So the lesson is, the bigger the better.


So whip out some old tights or buy some new ones and give it a go. Leopard would be fun or tights with fun patterns!ย You can rock this top over, under or layered for endless style combinations ๐Ÿ™‚




DSC_0341 DSC_0378

I think like all of us fashion lovers and bloggers I’m trying to summon the warmth of spring by faking it till I make it! Back in January I scored a bunch of seriously cute, seriously strappy heels that I’ve been itching to bust out at the slightest hint of sun or warmth.

In true Chicago fashion this cold is refusing to let up! The first days of spring were freezing and threatened with snow. This bi-polar weather has been so up and down it’s hard to tell if we will get spring or jump straight into summer at the rate this is going. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

None the less I took advantage of the momentary warmth we had, but as you can see below the chill quickly returned, hence the goose bumps!


Check back soon for my DIY on this neon pink clutch!

DIY: Cut-out blazer

DIY: Cut-out blazer



The options really are endless and this is such a great idea for transitioning your wardrobe into spring! You’re ready to show some skin but still need a barrier between that cool breeze. Give the cut-out blazer a try its quick, easy and you don’t need any sewing experience. Once you get the hang of it I imagine the possibilities are limitless!

What you’ll need:



I got my jacket from the thrift store, I had been on the search for the right one for a while now. It needed to meet a couple criteria, it had to have a close fit, be structured and be made of a good quality fabric. This Kenneth Cole one was just right and it was only a couple bucks! Woot! ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus I loved the slight military influence and the three pockets.


First decide the shape of your cut out. You can do an upside down “u” or “v” or even a square, just to name a few ideas. I cut my shape out by eyeballing it but you can use chalk to mark yours. It will wash out when your done and you can tweak your shape as you go. Cut your shape a quarter inch smaller then what you want the finished size to be so you have enough fabric to fold under.


Fold under and pin!


Cut your stitch witchery in half the long way and then cut shorter strips.


Remove one pin at a time, place your stitch witchery and iron. Using steam helps melt the stitch witchery and bond the fabric together.


Since my jacket is lined I placed some stitch witchery first between the initial fold then again between the lining and the fabric of the jacket. Sewing a stitch for extra security after you’ve placed your stitch witchery is also an option, or if you feel more comfortable with a sewing machine from the jump that works too! ๐Ÿ™‚


Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Any questions or comments? Holla at me in the comments below!

DIY: Adidas Cuffed Track Pant!

DIY: Adidas Cuffed Track Pant!

So how HOT are these?!


Sweats and heels have been the trend for a little while now, popping up on bloggers and fashion retails sites alike. I especially love these Adidas track pants, they are graphic, sleek and classic. Before I even knew where or how to find them I was cooking up a DIY in my mind.



They retail for about seventy seven on Asos but if your local thrift stores are anything like mine you can find an abundance of Adidas track pants for just a few bucks. Mostly all in good condition as well, I snagged a couple pair but specifically a black pair to do this DIY with. I got mine in the boys department so they would fit snug and not be too long. ย Below is a pic with one leg done.


Other than your track pants you will need:

a pair of knitted cuffs, which you can find at your local fabric store (or onlineย )

a seam ripper or scissors

a sewing machine

DSC_0262_2DSC_0267_2 DSC_0268_2 DSC_0274_2 DSC_0277_2 DSC_0282_2 DSC_0286_2DSC_0288_2 DSC_0289_2 DSC_0292_2 DSC_0298_2



You’re done and now you can rock ’em with heels, sneakers or anything in between. ๐Ÿ™‚