DIY: Lace Trim Crop Top

DIY: Lace Trim Crop Top

Hi guys!

Here is another quick and easy DIY. 🙂

I’m trying something a little different, I filmed this DIY instead of taking pictures.
Hopefully it’s just as easy to follow along with!


I was inspired by a lace trim cami I saw while browsing internet retail. lol
I was aimlessly searching for nothing in particular when I came across the cami and in true me fashion I didn’t stop and pay it any real attention until later when I an idea randomly popped up in my mind for how I wanted to rock it. By then I couldn’t for the life of me remember what site I was on so I could go back and buy it.  So in true me fashion 🙂 I decided to just DIY it!

Lace is everywhere right now so grab some inspiration and try this DIY or one of your own! 🙂


DIY: Painters Jeans!

DIY: Painters Jeans!

It’s hot as sin here in the desert! 105 degrees
every. single. day. (insert groans of agony) & it wont be letting up anytime soon.
The only way to pass the days and keep a smidge of sanity is to stay indoors as much as possible. (lol)

 This definitely keeps my creative juices flowing, seeing as though I have nothing but time to experiment, and mess up and try again, until I’ve figured out my next DIY. 🙂

 This one is fairly simple. Playing around in paint and glue and glitter, and all things not clothing friendly, you either struggle to keep clean or let go and get down right dirtaaayyy.


 I usually opt for the latter and was inspired to DIY “painters jeans.” After that first drop of paint hits your denim it’s pretty much A WRAP and from there your jeans become your work rag! I wanted something a little more “glam” and that I could confidently wear out the house (when normal temps return) so I went to town on these high waist baggy Gap Jeans! Enjoy 🙂

IMG_7111 IMG_7109


Fabric Glue

Paint Brushes


 **Just a little tip. For clothing , Acrylic is not your paint of choice, you run the risk of it cracking or flaking and generally you wont want to wash them because it might come off. Plus it can make your denim pretty stiff.

IMG_7112 IMG_7113 IMG_7114

If you have these cute little applicator bottles you can apply your paint right to the jeans in a, not so perfect pattern, and then use your paint brush to smooth it out.

IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123

You can also allow a small amount of paint bead up on the tip and then dab it in random places to create the effect of paint “splatter.”


Try not to think too much about placement just paint until it feels right, keeping it random!


Instead of wiping your brushes off on a towel or cleaning it in water, first rub any access off on the seams of your jeans or in random places. It gives a nice touch and authentic feel.

IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7126

Try crunching your jeans up in random places and painting over the folds. It ensures a certain randomness and keeps too large of any area from being covered at once.

IMG_7128 IMG_7129 IMG_7131

Also try dipping your paintbrush in your paint, covering it nicely, and then swirling it around in your cup of water. When you go to paint on your jeans it will give it a nice watered down/washed out look.


Variety in application is key to keeping your jeans from looking too perfect. Try a selection of techniques, using a sponge, wiping the paint on with a rag, adding bleach spots or rips! Customize them to fit you. 🙂

DIY: Fringe Clutch

DIY: Fringe Clutch

Lately I’ve been feeling anything and everything bohemian!

Maybe its my recent move to the desert or just the summer vibe but all things silky, flowy, lace, suede, fringe, patterned etc etc (lol) has been on my radar.

To me the key to nailing the bohemian look and feel is in the accessories. As with any look the details matter and they can and will make or break the outfit.

Flipping through the latest fashion mags I noticed fringe bags are everywhere so with some inspiration from Valentino I decided to try my hand at a DIY. 🙂


left to right: Stella Mccartney, Valentino, ASOS, H&M, Valentino, Gucci


leather of your color preference a straight edge ruler straight blade or scissors a tool to punch holes screw and post closure (can be purchased from Michaels) optionally a handle of some sort (maybe from an old handbag/bracelet/belt buckle)




Begin by cutting your leather into two rectangles, the dimensions are up to you. I left my edges raw because this piece of leather is exceptionally thick but if you’re working with something thinner you can fold your edges and run a stitch.


Mark the back of your leather on three sides for holes half an inch apart.



Using  your leather punch begin punching your holes.



Take the remainder of your leather and begin cutting the strips the length you want your fringe.




Weave your fringe through each hole, tying each piece twice to secure.


You can finish your clutch here and add the post and screw or you can add the handle.You can use a number of items for your handle. I choose a belt buckle because there is already a convenient flat side that will make attaching it to the clutch easier. You can also use a bangle, a handle from an old handbag etc.


To add the handle, cut the corner of your bag at an angle. Add additional holes.


Knot one end of your leather strip and weave it through the hole making sure to wrap and weave it around the handle secure the other end with a knot or a touch of glue.


To add the post and screw. Make a small hole for the screw and a larger hole for the post to secure through.



And your done!

DIY: Adidas Cuffed Track Pant!

DIY: Adidas Cuffed Track Pant!

So how HOT are these?!


Sweats and heels have been the trend for a little while now, popping up on bloggers and fashion retails sites alike. I especially love these Adidas track pants, they are graphic, sleek and classic. Before I even knew where or how to find them I was cooking up a DIY in my mind.



They retail for about seventy seven on Asos but if your local thrift stores are anything like mine you can find an abundance of Adidas track pants for just a few bucks. Mostly all in good condition as well, I snagged a couple pair but specifically a black pair to do this DIY with. I got mine in the boys department so they would fit snug and not be too long.  Below is a pic with one leg done.


Other than your track pants you will need:

a pair of knitted cuffs, which you can find at your local fabric store (or online )

a seam ripper or scissors

a sewing machine

DSC_0262_2DSC_0267_2 DSC_0268_2 DSC_0274_2 DSC_0277_2 DSC_0282_2 DSC_0286_2DSC_0288_2 DSC_0289_2 DSC_0292_2 DSC_0298_2



You’re done and now you can rock ’em with heels, sneakers or anything in between. 🙂

Winter Coat Trends 2012

Winter Coat Trends 2012

With winter fast approaching the selection of suitable coats is sky rocketing! There are so many options it can be hard and overwhelming finding one that fits your needs and style. It’s so easy to hit the store and buy the first thing you see and like but after some digging around in your closet you will probably find that you have several of the same kind of coat or like me maybe you have a variety but there are still some holes in your wardrobe. While on the hunt for a new winter coat I noticed a few style trends that seemed to span across all of the brands.I pulled some of my favorites, some that I felt were wardrobe staples and some that just made a statement!

1. Premium Longline Biker Coat &350 – TopShop
2. Alexander Wang Zip Detailed Wool Blend Felt Coat $344.75 – The Outnet
3. Collarless Zipped Wing Coat $158 – TopShop

I spotted lots and lots of white and cream colored coats! The thought alone of a white coat would scare most people far far away. Yes the up keep might be the biggest challenge but the contrast against your dark winter wardrobe would definitely make a high fashion statement.

1. Isabel Marant Mamum Goat Hair Coat $1,662.50 – The Outnet
2. Joseph Clallas Rabbit Coat $773.50 – The Outnet
3. Michael Kors Faux Fur Coat $101.25 – The Outnet 
4. Leopard Faux Fur Jacket $131.93 – Asos 
5. Longline Chevron Fur Coat $167.11 – Asos 

Fur coats are everywhere this season, from faux to the real deal the options are endless. They come in great colors, prints and lenghts. I find fur to be a great option for winter, especially living in a city like Chicago. Fur offers a thick shield from the insaneeee wind and it offers a stylish alternative when all you feel like doing is bundling up with nothing but your eyes exposed! As always I had to throw something leopard in the mix, leopard truly is not only glamourous but its also a neutral in my closet. Why not give your outerwear a little umph?! 

1. Emillio Pucci 1,875 – The Outnet
2. Coat with Leather Sleeves $229 – Zara
3. Zip coat with Quilted Faux Leather Sleeves$159 – Zara
4. Premium Contrast Tweed Biker Jacket $350 – TopShop
5. Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Convertible Leather Coat $430.50 – The Outnet
6. Leather Biker Coat $199 – Zara

Leather jackets are generally a staple if every fall wardrobe, they are light weight and offer warmth against a light fall breeze. All of us who love fashion understand the appeal leather has, its edgy and rocker  but can also be girly and chic. This winter there are lots of great coats that offer it all including that ease of style you think of when you think leather. From full length leather trenches to wool coats with leather detailing you can pick the coat that best suits you.

1. Marni Double Layered Shell Jacket $ 506.25 – The Outnet
2. Class Roberto Cavalli $240.10 – The Outnet
3. Short Tweed Puffer Jacket $159 – Zara
4. 3/4 Length Puffer Jacket $189 – Zara

The quilted coat is one that just about everybody has in their closet in one form or another. Why not up the style factor by varying the color, adding a belt or with cool details such as a cape overlay!?

1. Oasis Drop Waist Coat with Faux Fur $263.85 – Asos
2. Alexander Wang Double Breasted Wool Blend Trench Coat $370.50 – The Outnet
3. Premium Domed Sleeve Coat $350 – TopShop

Last but not least, theres the wool coat. Its a definite style staple and comes in a range of cuts, silhouettes and colors. With oxblood being the “it” color for the season its easy to find a range of styles in this super saturated luscious color, including the wool coat.