DIY: Sheer Crop Top!

DIY: Sheer Crop Top!


It’s everything you want in a DIY! Quick, easy and CHEAP! A few easy snips, and you have a versatile top for spring and summer! 

What you’ll need:

DSC_0200 DSC_0212

Cut open the toes!

DSC_0204 DSC_0208

Cut out a small “U” or “V” from the crouch of the tights. It will stretch when you put it on so keep this in mind and alter based on how big you want your neckline.


You know that old trick you used to stop a run in your tights? Well its the same thing you will do next to prevent any huge runs in the fabric. A few are ok it adds character and a nice deconstructed quality.

I ran clear polish around the sleeve hem and neckline.

As an after thought I realized I could have used black polish (or any color that would match your tights of choice.) Also FABRC GLUE! Duh, it dries clear and will do the same job. 🙂

As a disclaimer the clear polish kind of flaked on the tights when it was stretched, so my future ones I will use fabric glue or the colored polish.  You live and ya learn though right??


See how the neckline  stretched out? 🙂 Also my black tights are a “one size fits all” and my blue ones are a “queen” size. I prefer the queen size, the top ended up being longer, the sleeves were longer and there was more room to breath! 🙂 So the lesson is, the bigger the better.


So whip out some old tights or buy some new ones and give it a go. Leopard would be fun or tights with fun patterns! You can rock this top over, under or layered for endless style combinations 🙂


DIY: Cut-out blazer

DIY: Cut-out blazer



The options really are endless and this is such a great idea for transitioning your wardrobe into spring! You’re ready to show some skin but still need a barrier between that cool breeze. Give the cut-out blazer a try its quick, easy and you don’t need any sewing experience. Once you get the hang of it I imagine the possibilities are limitless!

What you’ll need:



I got my jacket from the thrift store, I had been on the search for the right one for a while now. It needed to meet a couple criteria, it had to have a close fit, be structured and be made of a good quality fabric. This Kenneth Cole one was just right and it was only a couple bucks! Woot! 🙂

Plus I loved the slight military influence and the three pockets.


First decide the shape of your cut out. You can do an upside down “u” or “v” or even a square, just to name a few ideas. I cut my shape out by eyeballing it but you can use chalk to mark yours. It will wash out when your done and you can tweak your shape as you go. Cut your shape a quarter inch smaller then what you want the finished size to be so you have enough fabric to fold under.


Fold under and pin!


Cut your stitch witchery in half the long way and then cut shorter strips.


Remove one pin at a time, place your stitch witchery and iron. Using steam helps melt the stitch witchery and bond the fabric together.


Since my jacket is lined I placed some stitch witchery first between the initial fold then again between the lining and the fabric of the jacket. Sewing a stitch for extra security after you’ve placed your stitch witchery is also an option, or if you feel more comfortable with a sewing machine from the jump that works too! 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Any questions or comments? Holla at me in the comments below!

DIY: Adidas Cuffed Track Pant!

DIY: Adidas Cuffed Track Pant!

So how HOT are these?!


Sweats and heels have been the trend for a little while now, popping up on bloggers and fashion retails sites alike. I especially love these Adidas track pants, they are graphic, sleek and classic. Before I even knew where or how to find them I was cooking up a DIY in my mind.



They retail for about seventy seven on Asos but if your local thrift stores are anything like mine you can find an abundance of Adidas track pants for just a few bucks. Mostly all in good condition as well, I snagged a couple pair but specifically a black pair to do this DIY with. I got mine in the boys department so they would fit snug and not be too long.  Below is a pic with one leg done.


Other than your track pants you will need:

a pair of knitted cuffs, which you can find at your local fabric store (or online )

a seam ripper or scissors

a sewing machine

DSC_0262_2DSC_0267_2 DSC_0268_2 DSC_0274_2 DSC_0277_2 DSC_0282_2 DSC_0286_2DSC_0288_2 DSC_0289_2 DSC_0292_2 DSC_0298_2



You’re done and now you can rock ’em with heels, sneakers or anything in between. 🙂

DIY: Vintage Chanel Inspired Logo Frame Sunglasses

DIY: Vintage Chanel Inspired Logo Frame Sunglasses



I was beyond inspired when I first saw these amazing vintage Chanel logo frame sunglasses.


Not only am I a huge sucker for anything black and white, (I love the graphic feel of it) who doesn’t love classic Chanel!?

While I would never go to the lengths of knocking off a designer item with full on logo and all,  I knew these had to be a part of my collection somehow!

So with a little alteration and come creative license I DIY’d my own Chanel inspired shades! Hope you enjoy!


here are a pair of sunglasses identical in shape that already come in black or white!

IMG_2369 DSC_0149


DSC_0158 DSC_0165


It’s really that simple! Try the white frames for the reverse effect!DSC_0195

Artwork by my Mom 🙂

DIY: Vintage Chanel Inspired Pearl Round Sunglasses!

DIY: Vintage Chanel Inspired Pearl Round Sunglasses!

You may remember I posted about these haute vintage Chanel specs, when Rihanna was spotted wearing them in the Victorias Secret Fashion show early last month.


They are originally from Chanel’s ’94 Spring runway show, it just goes to show you how timeless Chanel is, 18 years later they are still just as hot! You can find these sunglasses online for $3,200! For us ladies who prefer a bargain but don’t want to sacrifice style, I whipped up a quick DIY,it’s really simple and you don’t need much. Hope you enjoy!

You will need:

A pair of wire frame round sunglasses
(You can find some nice ones here, here, & here)

A strand of pearls (Faux or real, whatever tickles your fancy)

Heavy duty adhesive (I used GOOP)

I choose a medium sized pair of sunglasses so there would still be ample space to see once the pearls are adhered. I found these for $5 at a random wholesale apparel store but all the options above are awesome and F21 even has a pair for under $8!


My pearls are vintage given to me by my mom. The original Chanel pearls are large so I wanted to keep with that trend and stick with the same size. Keep in mind though you can go smaller if you prefer or if that’s what you have on hand 🙂


My glasses and pearls happen to be the same size as the original, as you can see in the picture above there are 15 pearls on each lens. Keeping my pearls on the string, I counted out 15 pearls and cut the string leaving a minimum of an inch of string on both ends.

* I would recommend measuring your strand of pearls against the circumference of your glasses to determine the exact number of pearls you will need


Tie a knot. Make sure it is taut and the pearls don’t slide along the string. Keeping them on the string will be easier then applying them one by one and you can ensure a more even circle than if you were to eyeball it. IMG_2386IMG_2392

Once you have both your pearl circles, be sure NOT to cut the excess string off. Apply your adhesive of choice. I choose an adhesive over regular glue because I wanted to be sure the pearls adhered to the metal properly and wanted to minimize the risk of them coming unattached.


You can be liberal with the GOOP, it dries clear and contracts as it dries, ensuring a firm grip. Carefully lay your pearls along the perimeter of the glasses. Make sure your knot is at the base of the lens. I propped my shades up so that the lens would lie perfectly flat, to avoid any sliding while the pearls dried in place.


Once your pearls are in place you can adjust them to ensure your circle is round. At this point you you can add a dab of adhesive to the knot of your string.


Take individual pearls dab GOOP on the backs and let them sit for a minute or two until the GOOP becomes slightly tacky. This will allow you to apply them to the arms of your glasses with out them sliding off,since the surface is smaller. Let them completely cure for 48-72 hours. Snip your strings and your runway ready!


Don’t forget to tune into the VS Fashion Show on CBS,  Tuesday Dec 4th @ 10/9c to catch a glimpse of these gorgeous glasses!

Stay tuned for the next DIY inspired by these Chanel glasses!


DIY: Tuxedo Jeans!

DIY: Tuxedo Jeans!

Tuxedo Jeans, I love ’em! It’s a trend that is allllll over, the strip adds that extra flare to a simple pair of jeans. I’m all about the details, the little things that take an outfit to the next level intrigue me. I decided in true do it your self fashion I could tackle this look on my own, transforming a pair of boyfriend jeans, that get minimal wear, into something a little more special. 


Fabric Glue
Grosgrain Ribbon
Fray Block (Optional)
Sponge Brush (Optional)

All of these supplies you can find at your local fabric store or a Michaels.

Grosgrain ribbon comes in a variety of colors and widths. For those of you who have never worked with it, it is a thick ribbed ribbon. I choose a fairly wide grosgrain to help offset the baggy-ness of the boyfriend jean. I also picked up some white ribbon to DIY a pair of fitted black pants into a high contrast tuxedo pant, I’ll link up later! 🙂

I first laid out my jeans (as pictured above.) Making sure my outer seam as smoothed out and even all the way down. Cut your ribbon to the appropriate length. I butted mine right up under the waist band of my jeans and ended it right at the bottom hem.

Fray block is optional, the grosgrain will begin to unravel, so to prevent any lose fibers I dabbed some on the ends I cut to give a finished appearance. Note that any glue that dries clear with suffice.

You will want to use a fabric glue that is approved for washing (I used Aleenes’ OK to wash it fabric glue) since something like jeans get a lot of wear and tear! I applied my glue in a boxed spiral pattern leaving enough space in-between each line of glue for it to spread when laid down with out excess gushing out.

Last but not least, leave your jeans to dry! I left mine alone for 24 hours to insure the glue had set. Aleene’s fabric glue dries clear so no traces of your handiwork will be left behind! 🙂

Here are a couple of quick pics I snapped, can’t wait to fully style them! Be on the lookout…if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section! Happy Thursday!

DIY: Beaded Jean Cuff!

DIY: Beaded Jean Cuff!

It’s DIY time!

This DIY is great for sprucing up an old pair of jeans or to just add some bling to your favorite pair! You can add studs or use colored beads or thread to add some extra edge! Don’t forget you can try this out on the cuff of a jean jacket or shirt or try beading the collar. Your options are unlimited, so get creative!