Lately I’ve been intrigued by embellished sunglasses.

I’ve been rocking short hair these days and it seems the less hair you have the more accessories you can wear!

Bold and loud accessories at that.

I happened to have a bunch of random sunglasses laying around. I bought most of them because they were a GREAT deal. Lol ima sucker for a deal. So when I was having the itch to DIY something I thought why not some sunnies?!! 🙂


Pliers or wire snippers
Baubles, trinkets and embellishments


You can use anything you want for your embellishments. Pins, earrings, rings, old vintage jewelry or even plastic rhinestones. Which are easy to find in large tubs at the craft store. 🙂


Use your wire snippers to remove anything that prohibits the embellishment from lying flat. These two pins from H&M came apart really easy.



Once you’ve determined your placement, (Make sure you aren’t blocking ur view out of the lens!) Add some glue and press and hold until a bond is formed.


Voila it’s really THAT simple!




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