You may remember I posted about these haute vintage Chanel specs, when Rihanna was spotted wearing them in the Victorias Secret Fashion show early last month.


They are originally from Chanel’s ’94 Spring runway show, it just goes to show you how timeless Chanel is, 18 years later they are still just as hot! You can find these sunglasses online for $3,200! For us ladies who prefer a bargain but don’t want to sacrifice style, I whipped up a quick DIY,it’s really simple and you don’t need much. Hope you enjoy!

You will need:

A pair of wire frame round sunglasses
(You can find some nice ones here, here, & here)

A strand of pearls (Faux or real, whatever tickles your fancy)

Heavy duty adhesive (I used GOOP)

I choose a medium sized pair of sunglasses so there would still be ample space to see once the pearls are adhered. I found these for $5 at a random wholesale apparel store but all the options above are awesome and F21 even has a pair for under $8!


My pearls are vintage given to me by my mom. The original Chanel pearls are large so I wanted to keep with that trend and stick with the same size. Keep in mind though you can go smaller if you prefer or if that’s what you have on hand 🙂


My glasses and pearls happen to be the same size as the original, as you can see in the picture above there are 15 pearls on each lens. Keeping my pearls on the string, I counted out 15 pearls and cut the string leaving a minimum of an inch of string on both ends.

* I would recommend measuring your strand of pearls against the circumference of your glasses to determine the exact number of pearls you will need


Tie a knot. Make sure it is taut and the pearls don’t slide along the string. Keeping them on the string will be easier then applying them one by one and you can ensure a more even circle than if you were to eyeball it. IMG_2386IMG_2392

Once you have both your pearl circles, be sure NOT to cut the excess string off. Apply your adhesive of choice. I choose an adhesive over regular glue because I wanted to be sure the pearls adhered to the metal properly and wanted to minimize the risk of them coming unattached.


You can be liberal with the GOOP, it dries clear and contracts as it dries, ensuring a firm grip. Carefully lay your pearls along the perimeter of the glasses. Make sure your knot is at the base of the lens. I propped my shades up so that the lens would lie perfectly flat, to avoid any sliding while the pearls dried in place.


Once your pearls are in place you can adjust them to ensure your circle is round. At this point you you can add a dab of adhesive to the knot of your string.


Take individual pearls dab GOOP on the backs and let them sit for a minute or two until the GOOP becomes slightly tacky. This will allow you to apply them to the arms of your glasses with out them sliding off,since the surface is smaller. Let them completely cure for 48-72 hours. Snip your strings and your runway ready!


Don’t forget to tune into the VS Fashion Show on CBS,  Tuesday Dec 4th @ 10/9c to catch a glimpse of these gorgeous glasses!

Stay tuned for the next DIY inspired by these Chanel glasses!


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