Mixed, Matched, Nautical !

I love the challenge of mixing prints. The possibilities can expand your wardrobe several times over! My only regret is that I don’t have nearly as many prints as I would like! In fact I have very few, something I need to remedy ASAP!

•Top & Shorts – Thrifted •Shoes – Michael Kors •Sunglasses – Vintage Ted Lapidus (Courtesy of my Mom)

This is my first time participating in the EBEW Challenge, so HI to all of you ladies who are visiting for the first time! Can’t wait to browse all of the submissions!
Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

a misty morning does not signify a cloudy day.
– unknown


46 thoughts on “Mixed, Matched, Nautical !

  1. I adore the prints you mixed! I am obsessed with everything nautical, so this is definitely a favorite of mine. Love the background and your poses, too. You look stunning!

  2. Thanks for the blog love. And I have to say that your mix print is one of the better I’ve seen…not the stripes and polka dots everyone else did, including me.
    Rock on Doll.
    X, Lc

  3. This is my first time visiting your blog; I just popped over from the EBEW round up. I loooooooove your mixed prints. Seriously, how rad is the print of those shorts? Love them!

  4. This is print mixing at it’s best! Your shorts are fabulous! I love the idea of mixing prints based on theme, it opens up so many possibilities. I’m a big fan of mixing animal prints together and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with nautical stripes. Great post!

  5. You look fabulous! I love how the two prints you chose might not seem like they would go together, but when I see them on you, it looks amazing together!
    I participated in the EBEW mixed prints as welll, that is how I found you.

    – Cora

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