The Maxi – Bloggers Do It BETTER!

When I was contemplating which maxi skirt I wanted to wear for the newest BDIB Challenge, I knew right off the bat that I wanted to do something a little different. I found this sheer maxi skirt while out thrifting && since I couldn’t wear it solo I had to figure out something to cover the unmentionables 🙂 Instead of wearing something UNDER the skirt I decided to wear something OVER the skirt. I paired the maxi with a fitted mini and the rest of the look took off from there… 🙂 Enjoy!

•Top – Forever 21    •Skirt (Mini)- Target     •Skirt (Maxi)- Thrifted     •Shoes – Chinese Laundry     •Jewelry – Forever 21 && Random     •Body Chain – DIY

&& Of course my little sister, Zion, wanted to join in on the styling fun!


18 thoughts on “The Maxi – Bloggers Do It BETTER!

  1. The jewelry gives a splash of edginess to the whole look-love it! Your sister Zion is too cute-she’s a Diva in the making.

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